Coco Got it Right: Pearls of Wisdom

Coco Got it Right


An Icon, a woman ahead of her times, and one of the worlds most famous female entrepreneurs.  Coco Chanel started with nothing and built her life in fashion with tenacity and innovation.

Like Coco, you can look modern and fresh wearing pearls, but make sure it’s lots and layered!


Here’s how to look like a million, or just feel like a millionairess:

Start with a 60″ 8mm to 10mm pearl strand, and wrap it several times around your neck.  Up to 3 if you like.
Add a chunky baroque pearl necklace with some gold chains
Layer it up with as many sizes of pearls to fill in the gaps

Voila!, you are now a woman of the year 2013!


Majorica pearls can help you achieve your look, without breaking the bank.  These man-made organic pearls are glass bead based, and have the correct weight of a pearl, they come in all lengths, colors and sizes.

Haute Jewels is featuring Majorica Pearls on Friday Oct 25th at their Town Center Location. Join our Event on Facebook and you will automatically be entered to win a pair of Fabulous Baroque Pearl Earrings! Come get all pearled up, and don’t forget to ask Haute Jewels owner Susan, how to get the look!



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