Flash Forward to Spring


It seems like this year we didn’t really have a fall, with a 72 degree January and no rain in sight, we are already thinking it is time to Flash Forward to Spring. It looks like the Pantone Fashion Trends are thinking the same thing.

We think beautiful evening sunsets and warm sun when we see the color of Spring 2014, Radiant Orchid. If you are wondering what to pair with this outstanding color, think stones of meaning and passion, and intricate gold and silver details.

Flash Forward to Spring with Haute Jewels

Moonstone, the stone of wishes, intuition and balance, will bring you everything you need! This beautiful Moonstone Statement Ring by SD Jewelry Designs, or these elegant and simple Theia Earrings by Robindira Unsworth, can help unblock “stuck” feelings and bring you closer to your feminine side. The moonstone will help you achieve a balance between heart and mind. Your emotions will remain stable, while your sense of intuition grows.

Moonstone and Lapis Choices

Pair your moonstone with Lapis, like this Melinda Maria Cassie Gold and Lapis Bangle or this Danhier Night Sky statement ring,  and you have the perfect combination for femininity and Truth. Lapis is known to stimulate consciousness and bring about harmony in relationships. It is considered the stone of truth and friendship. So imagine wearing these together on a sunset evening, you will not only be flashing forward in trendy style, but, you will have an amazing evening full of inspiration and balance. You just might receive your hearts desire, and you will know that you are a part of “all that is”!

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