Haute Fingers: Yes You Can!


Yes You Can!

Have you ever loved a fashion trend but don’t know how to get it right?  Susan Murray, owner of Haute Jewels, can show you how to do the famous layering look that is so on trend right now!

Years ago Susan met a gal at an L.A. Showroom that was the busiest place in the building, and she picked up a few beaded necklaces.  Little did she know she had just met one of the hottest fashion designers in Jewelry. Now 10 years later, Susan and Robindira Unsworth still remain friends, and she now buys lots of layering rings and necklaces, because this line is her personal favorite.


Robindira has the hottest and latest trendy stones like moonstone, pyrite and Labradorite. She has created her own flair by oxidizing the prongs that hold the halo of Cz’s that bring the natural stones to light and bling! This is her Slice of Heaven Collection that we are featuring at Haute Jewels Nov 6th-10th, which believe me, on their own or stacked in any combination are absolutely the ultimate statement!


Smokey Topaz, a luxe chocolate brown stone, mixed with a soft Rose Quartz, is beautiful for you feminine gals, or a Labradorite and Moonstone mix, is perfect for you magical types, and if you live in a land where spirituality is the thing, try a Pyrite and Labradorite Mix, the stones of spiritual awakening.

Anyway you mix Robindira stacking rings, you will get it right, because this is the “Yes” line that gives you a super Haute look!

Let’s put our heads together and create the best looking fingers for you. Join our Facebook Event for daily “Deal of The Day” announcements, then come into Haute Jewels during our trunk show and get an extra 20% off!

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